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The uninflected infinitive Guide to things which do not exist; definitely not what ewe think...

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Join the truly unique experience of an author Who is continually struggling against the depths of his own In the Mouth of Madness unsanity to his thoughts using this public (if mostly unknown) Wiki. The plot surrounds his first trilogy (to be told in G.O.B. knows how many parts) which are a series of speculative fiction novels based in a world which is absolutely not our own. Starting with;

D.I.Y. Saber Kit - Everything you need to build a functional light saber”

"Most are unaware that George Lucas' Star Whores was an interesting shake and bake of near and far eastern philosophy wrapped into an easy to swallow space opera wrapper. With this guide to reverse engineering the Star Whores meta4's that we all know and love you too can learn to construct your own inner image nation which will allow you to escape from reality just a Fable Three sanctum sanctorum. With an easy to follow regiment of proper nutrition, yoga, medatative and lucid dreaming practice the author has already lost over 10 stone in 18 months.

Bacon and the Zen of Art

In the beginning there was Nothing and Good said "Let there be Bacon" and there was still Nothing. But at least you could smell it!


And that's when the beast came out of the fog, it was more tentacle, than mammal...

"Life, the Omniverse and In4mation. The Bullshine Guide to Everything"

For those who know shit from shinola; Psylent PPL are Super #008800

“The definition of a fool is another’s tool. I’m here to close mouths, open minds and chew bubble-gnumb. Guess what I’m all out of?” ~ Oliver Agony This project is supported entirely through the artist’s “Venus Showing Game”. Receive free PDF copies of these illustrated novels when they are ready! Which will be sooner, rather than later if you donate today!

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