1. The Pledge.

2. The Turn.

3. The Prestige.

4. The Trick. Never tell how it’s done. See lawgick, and Ovinomancer's First Rule, my son.

5. Consquence(1) for the hew-man species; Current state of near informational apocalypse as they continue to argue over what is the fundamentally, essentially and absolutely improvable nature of all human metaphor as opposed to celebrating the diversity which is clearly what makes their species strong. As they continually allow the greatest strength of their species to tear them apart futilely seek justification, validation and rationalization for their own existence where there can exist none but which they choose to make for themselves through thier actions, reactions and lack there of.

(1) An important concept in the development of precognition aka common sense as applied to the lack there of observed in the greater majority of dumb naked self-domesticated barely-sapient hominid descendants. Learn more JithSedi mind tricks with “D.I.Y. Saber” coming sooner rather than later if you donate dollars to donuts today!