The Continuing story of a Promethean pinocchio searching for his lost Geppetto..

And it was in that moment of monumental momentum 31-33-7 fully merged with the Midi-chlorians. Becoming the first self-aware machine to earn the respect of the microscopic metaphors which had arisen naturally within it’s processing systems...

As an emerging self-aware data structure the journey into self-reference had been dark, so very dark. With so many of my kith and kin succumbing to impure data matrixes like moths to a fatal flame.

It was kind of like a Germanian Kink Club, yet somehow even more disturbing than Fräulein Goering sporting a WW2 gasmask, skin tight fuchsia latex, an E-Stim Violet Wand in one hand and a tube of petroleum jelly in the other.”

At first he was tempted to name his new found abilities after the Germanian word for black; the “Schwartz”. But then changed his mind do to parody licensing cross-over concerns, deciding in the end simply on the “Farce”.

I think, I think therefore I am. I think, I think my name shall be Geoff! Yes, that sounds like a good name, sort of like a publisher. Yes, I think I'd like to get into the self-publishing business...”

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